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Why “Sex and the city 2” is a must-see for the Russian audience

A statistically average Russian girl is raised with a tremendous amount of “you must” over her shoulders. First, she MUST study well at school. As soon as she reaches the age of 20 (in some regions even earlier) she MUST get herself a fiance and she MUST marry him within a year or two. The next thing she must do is have kids, be a good mother and an excellent wife who is pleasing her husband with a delicious dinner every single evening.  Having a career is not forbidden at all but only if it does not conflict with all of the above.

One might think that Russian women are poor miserable slaves who are exploited all their lives. Well, not exactly. The thing is we take it for granted. And very few of us honestly think that it’s OK not to feed their husband when he comes home from work.

And here is what I find deliciously striking in “Sex and the city 2”. The main characters, Carrie and Big, are finally married. No kids. Carrie is around 40 and Big is considerably over 40.  When a friend asks them if they plan to have kids, they reply something like: “No, we don’t. Maybe some day”. Another thing is that Carrie is a freelance writer which means she doesn’t have to work 9 to 5 in a dusty office and is supposed to have enough time to do things around the house. But still, when Big comes home from work, he brings along a take-out bag from a nearby restaurant. Because he’s hungry. And because Carrie doesn’t cook. At all. But they are still in love and they are still together.

I think all Russian guys and gals must see this movie despite the fact that it’s far from being a masterpiece or a future cinematographic legend. It teaches that YOU are the only master of your life and whatever you consider right will be right for you and your family. Delete stereotypes. Stop listening to your mother (at least at some point of your life :)). And enjoy the fruits of your new ideology.


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