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My epic fail or how I went to London to see Tim McGraw in concert

As a big country music fan, I always feel sorry that I can’t attend my favorite concerts anytime I want. The reason is that it takes at least an 8-hour flight from Russia to USA. That’s why I was thrilled to find out that my favorite country artist Tim Mcgraw was coming to London, UK as a headliner of Country2Country music festival.

London is only a 4-hour flight from Moscow. Another piece of great news was that I had enough bonus miles to get me a free airplane ticket. But darn, the airline had a limited selection of dates for those bonus tickets.

So I decided to pick the latest flight on the day of the concert. I figured since the Fest starts at 5 pm I should have more than enough time to depart at 11 pm…

Needles to say that I was wrong. Tim McGraw came out on the stage exactly the same time when the taxi arrived to take me to Heathrow airport.

So it turned out that I came to London to see the country guys I had never heard about: Kristian Bush and Little Big Town. Vince Gill was great though. Sorry, Tim, I missed your performance in the UK. Conclusion? Watch out, Nashville, here I come! =)


I did see Tim McGraw. Only on this poster though. =)


The famous O2 arena in London where the festival took place.


Tim McGraw and I enjoyed the same view. =)


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Motley Crue in Moscow

I went to see Motley Crue in concert last night. Never been their fan but they were one of my childhood bands, so I thought I should pay tribute to the old farts. 🙂 They were truly electric and Tommy Lee, despite his heart broken by Pamela Anderson, was definitely the highlight of the show. He stagedived, drank alcohol and passed the bottle on to the audience. During his stagediving he had his earplugs lost or stolen by some fans, so he asked to return them in trade for his underwear. Nobody agreed though.

The only bad thing was that it was absolutely no fun to stand in the middle of a drunk sweaty smoking roaring pushing crowd. I guess I’m too old to enjoy that. 🙂 And even though one from the Crew swore “to the fucking god” that they were coming back next year, I don’t think I was lured.

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