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My epic fail or how I went to London to see Tim McGraw in concert

As a big country music fan, I always feel sorry that I can’t attend my favorite concerts anytime I want. The reason is that it takes at least an 8-hour flight from Russia to USA. That’s why I was thrilled to find out that my favorite country artist Tim Mcgraw was coming to London, UK as a headliner of Country2Country music festival.

London is only a 4-hour flight from Moscow. Another piece of great news was that I had enough bonus miles to get me a free airplane ticket. But darn, the airline had a limited selection of dates for those bonus tickets.

So I decided to pick the latest flight on the day of the concert. I figured since the Fest starts at 5 pm I should have more than enough time to depart at 11 pm…

Needles to say that I was wrong. Tim McGraw came out on the stage exactly the same time when the taxi arrived to take me to Heathrow airport.

So it turned out that I came to London to see the country guys I had never heard about: Kristian Bush and Little Big Town. Vince Gill was great though. Sorry, Tim, I missed your performance in the UK. Conclusion? Watch out, Nashville, here I come! =)


I did see Tim McGraw. Only on this poster though. =)


The famous O2 arena in London where the festival took place.


Tim McGraw and I enjoyed the same view. =)


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